Formal Quotation

Formal quotation in the begining with starting date, job description, quotation and details of cleaning.

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Formal Invoice

Formal invoice in the end of every month or due date with sub-price, total price and Gst.

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CR will give you a peace of mind of your cleaning!

We use to be a franchisee of one famous franchisor established in 1990, and we became one individul business from 2008. We provide the highest standard in residential and commercial cleaning. Our staff are all fully trained and qualified. We pride ourselves on providing the best service. We are licensed, insured and bonded. So our customers can relax knowing the job will be done the right way without any risk to you. We are honest, diligent and reliable people who are working for honest, reliable companies. That combination won't be broken by CRCLEANING.

If for any reason you have a cleaning problem, we can guarantee to fix it. No quibble — we just do it!

9 Good Reasons to Chose Us

1. We have thorough security procedures in place for your peace of mind. 
We are security checked. We are honest and reliable people working for honest, reliable companies.

2. We have a performance guarantee that assures you of top-notch quality. 
It’s small and straightforward: If for any reason you have a cleaning problem, we guarantee to fix it on the next visit. If we don’t, you get the whole week's cleaning for free.

3. We follow up on our services to ensure your satisfaction. 
Our team will be in regular contact to make sure our cleaning service is exceeding your expectations at every level.

4. We have great cleaners who deliver a quality clean every time. 
We are simply the best in the industry. We are highly trained and with ownership in the business. You can’t get a better combination than that.

5. We use only the best equipment as we are in touch with today’s advanced technologies. 
It sounds a little strange but cleaning is affected by technology as well. Chemical advances and equipment technology can impact the quality of the cleaning provided. Cleantastic understands this, and we commit ourselves to monitor and adjust these advances into our system as they become available.

6. We use proper chemicals and care for the environment and do what we can to help. 
We are not the perfect environmental example, but wherever possible we use the most appropriate chemicals available.

7. We have an insurance cover for extra protection. 
We are required to have public liability insurance to a minimum of $10,000,000. You will never need it, but it is nice to know it’s there.

8. We have superb training to cover every aspect and deliver quality. 
Good cleaners are trained, not born. Our training programs are the best in the industry.

9. Our price is competitive — great value for a quality service